Say Hello to the First Turkish Restaurant Establishment in Williamsport History!

A Taste of Turkey

Adana Kebab House, a restaurant serving the most delectable authentic Turkish cuisine, has officially announced its opening today. Located at 384 Market St., the establishment will offer dine-in services (with respects to social distancing), as well as takeout and catering. As an unprecedented event in the history of Williamsport, locals are eager to get a bite of some Turkish delights. The one behind it all is no other than Mehmet Bekişoğlu, an immigrant born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bekişoğlu’s passion was to be able to share the edible side of Turkey with people around the world. From the tender age of 18, Bekişoğlu dreamed of residing in the US to start his own business in the food industry. When meeting Bekişoğlu, we were astonished by the enthusiasm and kindness that we were given by him and his family. They could not have been more grateful for the opportunity to settle in North America. The immense love and appreciation radiating from the locals of Williamsport to Bek işoğlu is unimaginable. Bekişoğlu and his family of six are eager to get this business running, especially in the great support of the community.


“My family and I cannot wait to get to know the beautiful people of Williamsport! Our mission as a family business is to provide high-quality food originating from our hometown Turkish city of Istanbul to all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one cultural experience...from our kitchen to your table,”
- Mehmet Bekişoğlu, Owner


Mehmet Bekişoğlu with his wife and four children

Mehmet Bekişoğlu with his wife and four children

What to Expect

Some of the delicious traditional foods to find in the Turkish cuisine are the Bamya (okra stew with vegetables and tomato sauce), Manti (dumplings filled with meat, parsley, spices, and served with mint yogurt sauce, paprika, butter), Moussaka (sautéed eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and carrots in a casserole), and the Sultan Delight (A classic Ottoman dish with lamb over smoked eggplant purée and tomato sauce).

Other dishes include, but are not limited to, baba ganoush, hummus, labneh, tabouli, and grape leaves. Some exceptional hot dishes to give a try are the fried calamari and bulgur pilaf and chicken and falafel. A variety of lamb, chicken, and salad based meals are available as well. If you are concerned about vegetarian options, no need to worry! There are over a dozen other seafood entrees available to enjoy! Let’s not forget the desert! To name a few, you could go for the classic baklava, or the sutlac , a Turkish rice pudding, or possibly the sekerpare cookies.

A collage of the many dishes the restaurant offers

Not only does the food itself make your mouth water, but the prices are exceptionally pleasing! Most entrees cost around $16-20.00, while the soups, salads, and appetizers will be around $10.00 or under.

Thinking about heading there soon? Make sure to follow Bekişoğlu’s business Facebook page, AdanaKebabHouse, to be informed on the latest updates and cheap offers!

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